Auto Repair

In addition to transmission repair and rebuilding, Ramirez Auto Repair is a full-service general mechanic. We offer a full year warranty on all of our services, so you can rest assured that a job down by Ramirez is a job done right the first time!

Cuando la luz que marca el motor nosotros podemos ayudarle a ver cual podria ser problema.

Check Engine Light On?

When that check engine light is on, it could mean almost anything. Don’t sit around guessing that the problem could be. You might cause more problems for yourself if you try to fix the wrong issue. Skip the mess and let an expert diagnose it for you! The mechanics at Ramirez Auto Repair have the knowledge and expertise to read check engine light codes. Pick up the phone, call (323) 733-2903, and speak with a professional today. We’ll make sure you receive the best care at the best price.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Service

No one wants to start the day by finding out their car’s air conditioner doesn’t work. Not only will it make for an uncomfortable ride, but did you know that a broken A/C unit can affect your car in other ways, too? Depending on the make and model of your car, a broken belt in the air conditioner can cause more problems for your vehicle. Don’t wait until it’s too late! If it’s as simple as recharging the refrigerant or complex as installing a new compressor, Ramirez Auto Repair will keep you cool and safe.

Hacemos servicio de aire acondicionado en el area de Los Angeles.

Signs that your vehicle may have a malfunctioning air conditioning system include:

  • Your air conditioner blows only hot air from the vents
  • The air conditioner blows cold only sporadically
  • There are noises when you run your air conditioner

Air Filtration Replacement Service

Clean air is better! A clean air filter helps your car, truck or SUV perform better. Ramirez Auto Repair can help with:

  • Replacement of the air filter to improve gas mileage, engine performance and acceleration.
  • Replacement of the breather element if needed, to help keep contaminants out of the engine oil.
  • Replacement of the PCV Valve, if needed, to reduce fumes, air pollution and wear on engine parts.
Free Inspection additional computer inspection charges may apply.

Our Services

Full Service Oil, Lube & Filter Change
One of the most important maintenance services for your car, truck, or SUV is none other than the oil and filter change. Scheduled maintenance will keep your car running smoothly for years, and it can even help increase the value if you ever decide to sell the car. Ramirez Auto Repair is happy to perform full service oil, lube, and filter changes.
Brake Check, repair and change
The brake system is a critical safety feature in your vehicle. At Ramirez Auto Repair, we understand that a working brake system is essential to the safety of you and other drivers. Our experts will examine your entire brake system including the pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor and drum wear, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, master cylinder, and the anti-lock system for vehicles.

If you suspect you need any of these problems fixed, or if you’re not sure where to start, then give us a call today! A professional mechanic will be there to assist you.

At Ramirez Auto Repair we are experts in transmission repair and rebuilt, engine repair, oil change, entire braking system pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum wear, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, master cylinder, and the anti-lock system, air conditioning, etc and we cover the cities of Los Angeles, Huntington Park, South Gate, Compton, Gardena, West Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, East Los Angeles, and Montebello.